Who we are


UBCCWe are a group of volunteers, who live and work in London. We didn’t know each other before the programme, but were brought closer together by the events of Euromaidan and by the desire to make a meaningful contribution to our country not only in the short term, but also looking further into the future. We are all now active members of the Young City Club, contributing to the networking opportunities for young Ukrainian people working and studying in Britain and their Ukraine-based counterparts.

LEAD Programme doesn’t have a founder. It was born out of an Excel Spreadsheet, where we pooled together our ideas, skills, and resources, and moulded them into the pilot project which took place in London in August 2014. We developed our programme under the umbrella of the Ukrainian-British City Club, secured support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, raised costs among private and corporate sponsors, and involved over 50 friends, family and colleagues who helped us realised the programme.



Katia Denysova

Katia is currently performing a client development role for Christie’s auction house in London.

With BA in Management and years of experience within business enterprises in native Ukraine, Katia moved to the UK to obtain MA degree in Gallery Studies from one of the country’s leading Curatorial Schools subsequently curating exhibitions of international contemporary art.



Alex Merkulov

Alex is a member of BlackRock’s Portfolio Management Group. He is a product strategist for the European & Non-Dollar Portfolio Team within BlackRock Fundamental Fixed Income.
Before joining the Portfolio Management Group in 2010, Alex began his career as an analyst in BlackRock’s Portfolio Compliance Group in 2007. Alex earned a BA degree in finance from Drexel University in 2006.



Tetyana Mulesa

Tetyana is a global Business Development professional in the energy industry, who gained work experience across North America, Europe, Africa and Central Asia. She holds a BA degree in Business Administration from Ukraine, and a Masters in Economics from University College London, UK and Tartu University, Estonia. Passionate about Ukraine’s prosperity, Tetyana is regularly engaged with the Ukrainian community.



Polina Poluneeva

Polina is currently working for Citibank in London. She has started her career in commodities finance in Germany and Switzerland, and later transitioned into private wealth management, focusing all along on her native Ukraine and CIS countries. Polina holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Warwick in the UK.



Daria Ruban

Daria is a young professional with experience of designing and implementing major public sector management and international development projects funded by major bi- and multilateral donors. In the past, she also conducted research for a London-based think tank tackling issues connected with public procurement and government stewardship. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Leeds University.



Yana Sobetska

Yana currently holds a client management position in a global insurance brokerage firm, managing a portfolio of Major Global Accounts. In the past, Yana has worked for an international underwriting company, specialising in multinational insurance of Financial Risks. She earned a degree in Risk Management and Insurance from Temple University of Philadelphia.



Iryna Tandura

Iryna works for a renowned US real estate company in London where she is responsible for oversight of the development assets, managing local partners, and underwriting new investments. Iryna co-founded EdVent, a charitable organization, aimed at creating opportunities for academic, professional, and personal development of disadvantaged children and adolescents in Ukraine. Iryna holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Boston University Graduate School of Management.





Nataliia Kovb

With a Master’s degree in Finance (University of Banking), Nataliia started her career as a team member of The Communication Reform Group, joint Ukraine-UK project on government communications development. She is currently working in the energy industry of Ukraine. Has strong work experience with European Commission, EU countries, USA. Nataliia participated in LEAD Programme 2015 and now is the official LEAD representative based in Kyiv.




Olga Klymenko

Olga holds a degree in Human Resources (Bachelor’s) and Finance (Master’s) from University of Banking, also studied in Cracow University of Economics. Has experience in Human Resources and Public Relations. Currently works in UKRSIBBANK BNP PARIBAS Group. Participated in LEAD Programme 2014 and now is the official LEAD representative based in Kyiv.


Viktoriia Bezukhanych

Viktoriia is currently a brand manager in a distribution company in Lviv. She received her Master’s degree in Management of Small and Medium Businesses from National University “Lviv Polytechnic”. Participated in LEAD Programme 2014 and now is the official LEAD representative based in Lviv.




Yevhenii Bosiuk

Yevhenii holds a Master’s degree in International Economics from Ivan Franko National University. Has experience in consulting, international relations, participated in numerous exchange programmes and social projects. Currently works in Nielsen (management consulting) in Warsaw.

Participated in LEAD Programme 2014 and now is the official LEAD representative based in Poland.